Founder/ Executive Director

Ace Brooks (He, Him, His)


Media/General Inquiries:

A native Memphian and graduate of the University of Tennessee with a BA in Anthropology, Ace has always had a passion for helping people in his community. From his time spent volunteering with numerous campus and community organizations in college and as an adult. A former teacher/counselor, AmeriCorps members and public health professional, he knows first hand the plight of issues facing the Memphis community. In 2016, he decided to dedicate his life to public health, specifically Ending the HIV Epidemic in America with increased attention and focuses on the South. Working as a HIV Tester/Counselor, Sexual Health Educator, and Early Intervention Specialist has prepared him for the Innovation that is required going forward to end the epidemic. Armed with skills in Counseling, Linkage to Care, Peer-Based Trauma support and more Ace is poised to Lead P.L.U.S. Memphis with integrity compassion, dedication and commitment.